The pdfsam project officially started in February 2006, even if I started to work on it some month before. From that moment a lot of people helped me sending feedbacks, bug reports, suggestions and code snippets and some other (two) became officially part of the project. I’m talking about my girlfriend Elisa who drew all of the pdfsam icons (and still does when I need some new one) and Bigpapa, a french user who helped me a lot with tests, translations and GUI suggestions and now is the moderator of the French support form. This page is just a brief presentation for these 3 who are working constantly on pdfsam to show you the “human face” of this software.

Andrea Vacondio
I was born in 1977 in Italy. I’ve a wonderful girlfriend and a great family (mum, dad, sister and her little kid Luna and my dog Birra). I’ve a degree in Computer Science at the Bologna University, I’m a Java developer and a Sun Java Certified Programmer (CX-310-055). My hobbies are coding (!?!?), cooking, reading, electronic music and gardening. I know cooking and gardening are not exactly a kind of “macho” hobbies but what can I say, I’m Italian and I love food… and plants, well… plants are charmy. This is my LinkedIn profile, if you want to hire me for a million dollars job.. well… you’re welcome :)

Elisa Bortolotti
My name is Elisa, I was born in 1981 in Italy. I’ve a great passion for everything related with the communication, written things, images, advertising and photography. I moved to Amsterdam with Andrea to improve my English knowledge and to extend my horizons. I’ve an amazing boyfriend who encourages me to do my best in everything.
This is my LinkedIn profile

My name is Hédi Benblidia, born in 1968. I used to live for 30 years in Algeria where I became an Architect. Now I work as designer in a construction engineering office near Paris (France). My wife and I have a nice girl with whom I share the passion for Sea Diving. Curious about everything, I have a little preference for softwares (mainly open source). I like testing, understanding and, if needed, helping to translate in French. I was looking for a user-friendly application to handle pdf documents. Me, I found it: PDFSAM thanks to Andrea Vacondio: a nice, enthusiastic and comprehensive person.