Mac OS X “PDFsam is damaged and can’t be opened”

Hi Mac users, some of you reported the “PDFsam is damaged and can’t be opened” error when trying to install the PDF Split And Merge dmg package. After some investigation and users feedback I can finally write what is causing that. The issue is caused by a new feature of Mountain Lion and OS X

Wiki reminder

Hi everybody, I want to remind you about the pdfsam HowTo wiki page here. If you have to merge pdf documents or split them and you don’t seem to figure out all the available options, take a look at the Wiki to have a brief description of them.

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Wiki HowTo

Hi everybody, I just want to remind you that you can use the Wiki as a valuable source of information about pdfsam where may HowTos can be found. Andrea

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Selection panel HowTo

Hi everybody, I just wrote a simple HowTo on the selection panel (the component available in almost every plugin that lets you select pdf documents). I hope it can help you to get the best out of PDFsam. Andrea

Mac OS dmg archives

Hi, I just released the Mac OS X dmg archives version 2.1.0 and 2.1.0e.

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OutOfMemory tutorial

Hi everybody, I updated the Wiki adding a simple tutorial on how to modify the amount of memory that PDFsam can use to minimize OutOfMemory errors. Here is the link.

If you have the error message: PdfReader not opened with owner password

Hi everybody, I want to remind you that if you want to split or merge pdf documents and PDFsam gives you the message “PdfReader not opened with owner password” it’s because you must provide the owner password to be able to manipulate the document. If Acrobat Reader doesn’t ask you for a password it’s because

New PDFsam Wiki

Hi everybody, The new PDFsam Wiki is online here and you can find it in the main menu (upper right). It’s basically designed to provide a serie of HowTo regarding many different PDFsam topics. Enjoy

New forums and dmg archives.

I upgraded the forums to the latest available version of phpBB. I made some test and everything seems working correctly. Please send me a private message if you have problems accessing them but consider this note taken from the phpBB installation guide: Password conversion Due to the utf-8 based handling of passwords in phpBB3, it

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PayPal donations

Hi everybody, a user reported that the PayPal donation page was in Italian language. I never noticed and it’s been in Italian for 3 years (!!?!). Sorry for that, now it should be in English and I also found that it’s possible to donate through PayPal without having a PayPal account but simply using you