Split pdf

How to split a pdf? PDF Split And Merge is a powerful software that will help you splitting your pdf documents. With its flexible options, it can perform pdf split ranging form the simplest (each page) to more complex and specific needs.

Simple pdf split
If you simply want to split a pdf document without bells and whistles, select the pdf documents you want to merge by dragging them on the selection table or using the “Add” button and select one of the following self explaining options:

Advanced pdf split
If simple pdf split is not enough, PDF Split And Merge offers advanced options you can use for a more sophisticated split type.

  • You can split your document after some page number you can define (Ex. after page 2 and 10)
  • Split your pdf documents every “n” pages (Ex. every 5 pages)
  • Split at a give file size
  • Split at a given bookmarks level (Ex. you can split and eBook in chapters by selecting the chapters bookmarks level)

Complex prefix is a powerful and flexible option that will help you to drive the name of the pdf documents generated by the split function. This is particularly useful when many files are generated (Ex. bursting a 100 pages document) and has many switches you can play with to decide the output name (Ex. 001_filename.pdf, 002_filename..). Take a look at the Wiki page for more details.

Fill the remaining options to tell PDF Split And Merge where you want the resulting files to be created and click “Run”.
A friendly “Ding” sound will tell you that your pdf document has been splitted