Rotate PDF

How to rotate PDF files with PDFsam Basic

The rotate module lets you rotate PDF files. You can rotate multiple PDF documents at the same time.

PDF documents selection

The selection table allows you to select the PDF documents you want to rotate. Drag and drop files on it or click Add to add documents.

Encrypted documents

Encrypted PDF documents show a icon on their right. You can merge them by providing the unlock password and to do so just click on the lock icon.

Password protected PDF

Rotate settings

Through the rotate settings panel you can tell PDFsam what pages you want to rotate, all, even, odd and what rotation you want to apply.

Destination directory

In Destination directory users can choose where the rotated PDF documents will be placed and few other options.

Directory destination selection

File names settings

Special keywords can be used as placeholders in the output file names, to be replaced with dynamic values during the execution. Users can specify a simple string to use as prefix for the generated file names, or add one of the supported keywords to generate more complex file names. An example can be [FILENUMBER] to add an increasing counter value to the file name. Right click on the field to find all the available keywords.
More details can be found here

Prefix field


Once all the options are set, you can rotate PDF documents by clicking the Run button. If no error occurs, the progress bar will grow until it is fully colored and a friendly ding sound will tell you that the task is completed.