PDFsam Visual

A Visual PDF tool

PDFsam Visual is a powerful tool to visually compose documents, reorder pages, split, merge, rotate, encrypt, decrypt, crop PDF files. A good looking ally powered by our open source PDF engine

Try it for free, with no limitations for 14 days! After the 14 days trial period expires you will need to purchase a license for 29€.

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PDF Split by pages

Visual split

Select the pages thumbnails where you want to divide the document.

Predefined split

The selected PDF file can be split after every page, generating a new document for every page in the original file, after every even or odd page.

PDF Split by table of contents

Select the outline (bookmarks) level you want to split at and your document will be divided at every page pointed by the bookmarks at the selected level.

PDF Split by size

Divide PDF files into smaller ones of a given size (roughly).

PDF Split by text

The split by text module let's you select an area of the PDF file (ex. invoice number) and it splits the document when text changes in that selected area.

Split PDF file by pages

Combine and Reorder

The Combine and Reorder module lets you compose and rearrange pages coming from one or more PDF files, you can move pages around by drag and drop, you can rotate them or delete them.


The Alternate Mix module lets you merge two PDF files taking pages alternately in straight or revers order. The perfect solution if you have two documents containing even and odd pages respectively and you want to rebuild the original document.

PDFsam Visual Alternate mix

Rotate PDF

Visual rotation

Rotate single pages of a PDF file by rotating pages thumbnails of 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

Predefined rotations

Apply a rotation of 90, 180 or 270 degrees to all the pages of a PDF file, the even or the odd pages.

PDFsam Visual Rotate page

Crop PDF

Draw a selection area over the pages and create a cropped version of the original document.

PDFsam Visual crop PDF

Protect & Unprotect

Protect PDF

Add permissions to your PDF files, set an open or an edit password and encrypt your document using RC4 128bits, AES 128bits or AES 256 bits.

Unprotect PDF

Create a non encrypted version of your encrypted PDF files.

PDFsam Visual Encrypt PDF

Extract PDF pages

Visual extract

Select the pages you want to extract by clicking on the thumbnails and create a new PDF document containing them.

Predefined extract

Create a new PDF document containing all the even or odd pages of the original PDF file

Try it for free, with no limitations for 14 days!