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Settings screenHi guys,
as you know I’m working on v3.0.0 and I’m currently working on the user interface. I created a forum post where I attached some screen, I’d like to discuss the UI with you… after all it’s you who is going to split and merge pdf documents with pdfsam and you are probably the best source of ideas and experience.



  1. Lee
    March 7th

    I have a question. Is it free using in company?

  2. Andrea Vacondio
    March 7th


  3. Juna
    March 8th

    One question for you. I have a document that has 10 pages. It should have been only ONE page of continuous printing.

    Each page goes well border to border of printing. Can we join them with your software?

  4. Andrea Vacondio
    March 8th

    pdfsam can take 10 different documents, 1 page each, and merge them in a single document/file. I don’t think this is what you are looking for.

  5. Mark
    March 13th


    I just wanted to say thanks for producing a fantastic tool and for looking to update it to a new version.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  6. lluis
    March 19th

    Also ,thanks for your program, and waiting for next version… 🙂

  7. Angela
    March 28th

    I understand that I can merge documents into a pdf, but can I crop some of my files while merging them into one document? Basically a landscape document was scanned into a portrait formated page. I want to merge these, but am also looking for a “crop” option.

  8. Juan
    May 11th

    when you split a pdf file in blocks of two pages. Is there any way to make the new file name is a character string that is into the pfd?

  9. giulio
    May 27th

    complimenti per l’ottimo software.
    è uno degli strumenti indispensabili nel mio lavoro.
    C’è la possibilità di fargli omettere le pagine bianche?
    grazie mille

  10. Gary
    June 6th

    I have documents that are created as pictures instead of text that have titles on each page. Is there a way you can make pdfsam split pages based on a specified region matching on each page or OCR? The documents sometimes have different amounts of pages in a section if the report shows issues. I really appreciate your program and it’s the best free one I’ve found. Keep up the good work.

  11. Dev
    June 13th

    I would like to be able to have a screen shot to see where to merge things ( the order), and to be able to reorder them in the preview. I think this would be good for splitting documents as well. Sorry if this is already implemented.

  12. Jefferson Batista
    December 12th

    Hi everyone!
    Andrea, I have used your software PdfSam for some times and I like it very much.
    Your software is very functional, user-friendly and compact. So, Congratulations for this development!
    My suggestion for your user Interface: can you include a customized size field in Split Module interface so that we can choose the size of the target files (Ex: 1.5 Mb).
    Thank You.

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