Pdf merge page selection

Pdf merge page selection

Pdf merge page selection

Hi, here is a simple tip to remind you how page selection works. When merging pdf files you’ll often need to merge only a subset of the document (a chapter, some pages..). PDFsam supports page selection in the form of comma separated values where they can be single pages or page ranges. Page numbers cannot be duplicated and page ranges cannot intersect, a page range with open end is also supported (Ex. 10- means from page ten untill the end of the document). To set the selection on a pdf input document you want to merge, you can double click the page selection cell and input some valid page range.
Examples of valid page selections:
Examples of invalid page selections:

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    I have succesfully merged pages containing single tunes music notation in pdf format. Is there any way I can move text/notation from one page to another within the merged pages to form a page containing several tunes ?

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