Merge PDF

How to merge PDF documents with PDFsam Basic

Merge module lets you combine PDF documents or part of them together.

PDF documents selection

The selection table allows you to select and arrange the PDF documents you want to merge. Drag and drop files on it or click Add to add documents. Use the buttons Move Up and Move Up or the context menu entries to arrange the documents order.
Double click on the Page ranges cell if you want to specify the pages you want to merge, i.e. if don't need the whole document but you only need some pages. Pages can be specified in the form of comma separated page ranges like 2-13,17 if you need pages from 2 to 13 and page 17. You can use the syntax 20- if you need pages from page 20 to the end of the document.

Encrypted documents

Encrypted PDF documents show a icon on their right. You can merge them by providing the unlock password and to do so just click on the lock icon.

Merge settings

Most users won't need to change these settings but it may come helpful to know what is their purpose.

  • Add a blank page if page number is odd: with this option you can tell PDFsam Basic to add a blank page after every merged PDF whose page number is odd
  • Interactive forms: If some of the merging PDF documents contain an AcroForm, this options tells PDFsam what to do with them. You can discard the forms if they are not needed, you can merge them together allowing fields with the same name or you can merge them renaming fields with the same name to avoid names clashes
  • Outline (Bookmarks): with this option you can tell PDFsam what to do with the documents outline (bookmakrs). Bookmarks trees from the input PDF documents can be retained and merged together in the generated PDF document, they can be discarded saving some byte or a new outline with one bookmark entry for each merged PDF document can be created.
  • Generated document

    In Destination file users can choose the name of the resulting PDF document and few other options.


    Once all the options are properly set you can merge the PDF documents by clicking the Run button. If no error occurs, the progress bar will grow until it is fully colored and a friendly ding sound will tell you that your merged PDF is ready. You can open it by clicking the icon right above the progress bar.