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New Sejda v1.0.0.M9

Hi Guys,
we just released the new Sejda version. It’s probably the latest milestone before we go GA and most likely the version that will be included in PDFsam v3. It’s a chance for those of you using the command line interface (either the pdfsam-console or the sejda-console) to upgrade and test the latest features/fixes. We improved the prefix functionality and enriched the directory input for the pdf merge task with a regex to match pdf documents name. Here is a short description of what has been updated.
For those of you using a Debian based Linux distribution (like Ubuntu) and willing to split and merge pdf documents form command line, we created a .deb package for the sejda-console, it can be downloaded from the project page here.

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PDFsam on GitHub and Twitter

Hi everbody,
I’m finally back on PDFsam, hopefully full time, and I hope I’ll be able to give you some early version of PDFsam v3 soon. First steps taken are the new GitHub repository for the source code (https://github.com/torakiki/pdfsam) and a new Twitter account (https://twitter.com/PDFsamOSS) where I’ll keep you updated on the development status.

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Soda PDF partnership

Hi everybody,
I’m happy to inform you that PDFsam is now a Soda PDF premium partner. Soda PDF is a professional and very powerful PDF solution to create, convert, edit, secure and share PDF documents. As a PDFsam user you can benefit from a very exclusive partner offer and you can have Soda PDF at 50% of its original price (MSRP). Download the trial version here.

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by [g+] in / Bug fix

Installer fixed

Hi everybody,
I had some user reporting an error during the installation process on Windows, something like “This installation package could not be opened bla bla”, it should be fixed now, please let me know if you still experience it.

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Pdf merge and bookmarks handling

few days ago we released a new version of Sejda and its command line interface. This new release has a nice feature regarding outline (bookmarks) handling during a pdf merge task that might be interesting for some of you. When you merge pdf documents, you can now tell Sejda what to do with the documents outlines, it can merge them as well (default behavior), it can discard them reducing the size of the merged pdf document or it can create a completely new outline with one entry for each merged pdf.
This is currently available using the sejda-console but it will also be included in PDFsam v3 and BTW I’m working very hard on the new version of PDFsam, I hope I’ll be able to give you something testable soon.

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Pdf Merge for Android

Hi guys,
I just published a free and super simple tool for Android devices to merge pdf documents. It doesn’t have may options, just the three steps select/sort/merge but it does the job on your smartphone or tablet. It’s powered by Sejda and PDFBox and it’s available on Google Play and on Amazon.
You can find more info here.

Any feedback is always welcome… as long as it’s a good one 😀

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PdfToJpg added to Sejda

Hi guys,
as you probably know I spent the past two years working (among the others) on Sejda. In few words it’s a Java library and it will become the core pdf manipulation library in PDF Split And Merge v3.x. It currently has two interfaces, a command line interface that can replace the pdfsam-console and a web interface where you can merge pdf, split pdf, etc without any download needed.
That said, we just added a PdfToJpg task to Sejda and, together with the PdfToTiff are two of the new features that PDFsam v3 will have. If you want to try them out, any feedback is welcome.

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A tailored user interface

Settings screenHi guys,
as you know I’m working on v3.0.0 and I’m currently working on the user interface. I created a forum post where I attached some screen, I’d like to discuss the UI with you… after all it’s you who is going to split and merge pdf documents with pdfsam and you are probably the best source of ideas and experience.

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Baby steps

Hi all,
I just want to show you I’m not as lazy as it might seem :)
Ok I know a lot of stuff is missing but still.. baby steps.

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Mac OS X “PDFsam is damaged and can’t be opened”

Hi Mac users,
some of you reported the “PDFsam is damaged and can’t be opened” error when trying to install the PDF Split And Merge dmg package. After some investigation and users feedback I can finally write what is causing that. The issue is caused by a new feature of Mountain Lion and OS X Lion v10.7.5, called Gatekeeper which “help protect your Mac from malware and misbehaving apps downloaded from the Internet”. It does that by preventing you from launching apps that are not downloaded from the Mac App Store which is “The safest and most reliable place to download and install apps”. Now, assuming you still want to install PDF Split And Merge even if you didn’t download it from the “safest and most reliable place”, what can you do? As sorice pointed out you have to:

  • Open Gatekeeper settings located in “System Preferences > Security & Privacy”
  • Set “Allow applications downloaded from:” to “Anywhere” and confirm by pressing “Allow From Anywhere”
  • Launch Pdf Split And Merge
  • Once PDF Split And Merge is successfully launched, you can set back Gatekeeper option to whatever you want

Some more information can be found here

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