Merge pdf

PDF Split And Merge is a free and open source software to split and merge PDF documents and much more. It’s not just a splitter or a merger, but it’s a swiss knife letting you rotate, encrypt, decrypt ecc. Among the most appreciated features you’ll find the visual composer, a module that will let you visually choose pages you want to merge from multiple documents and will combine them into a single pdf file.

Pdf merge
Select the pdf documents you want to merge by dragging them on the selection table or using the “Add” button, move them up or down if you want to combine them in a different order and set the range of pages if you want to merge a subset of the document:
Select the files to merge

Fill the remaining options to tell PDF Split And Merge where you want the merged file to be created and click “Run”.
A friendly “Ding” sound will tell you that your pdf documents have been merged.