PDFsam Basic 2.2.4 for Windows

The installer may include advertisement offers to finance further development, read here why. The included offers can easily be skipped by using the provided skip button.
PDFsam Enhanced is not bundled with any offer, read here how to get it.

PDFsam basic is a completely free, platform independent software designed to split and merge pdf files. It’s stable, open source and It should cover most of your needs.

Other platforms or versions

All the available downloads for the supported platforms (MacOS, Linux..), the source code, the MSI installers without third party offers and the Zip bundle can be found here.

PDFsam Enhanced 2.2.4e

To get the enhanced version you need a forum account (register here) and donate at least 1€ here. Once the donation is made, you’ll be able to download PDFsam enhanced (current and future versions).
Please read here for more details.

Command Line Interface

If you are planning to split and merge pdf documents from command line you should download the latest version of sejda-console. Sejda is the project where all the pdf manipulation logic has been moved, where we are putting our efforts and it will soon become the core library for PDFsam.

PDFsam v3

PDFsam version 3.x is the upcoming and currently developed version of PDFsam. It is not yet a stable one and it is under heavy development but if you are feeling a little brave and willing to test it, you can find it here. Feel free to submit suggestions or bug fixes.