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Time to play with PDFsam v3!

Time has come, finally!
For those of you willing to test a highly unstable PDFsam v3 BETA release, here is the zip bundle. Few things worth mentioning:

  • Only the zip bundle is available, no MSI, DMG or other installers yet
  • It’s the first public and testable version, don’t expect it to be stable and production ready
  • Workspace related functionalities are not yet implemented
  • Visual modules are not yet implemented
  • Feedbacks, ideas, suggestions are welcome
  • It requires Java 8
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PDFsam 2.2.4 is out

I just released PDFsam 2.2.4 where PDF rotate is fixed and works again. Please let me know if there is any issue with it.

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PDFsam 2.2.3 released

I had few unpublished changes on PDFsam 2.x so I decided to publish a new release. This is probably going to be the last 2.x release since v3 is getting closer and closer.
Let me know if there is any issue with it.

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Progress indicator

Progress indicator
I just finished to build the progress indicator I’ll most probably use in PDFsam v3 to display task progress for pdf merge, split etc. It’s a JavaFX control and, since it can be reused, I created a separated repository for it so people can clone it and do whatever they want with it. Here on GitHub.

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PDFsam on GitHub and Twitter

Hi everbody,
I’m finally back on PDFsam, hopefully full time, and I hope I’ll be able to give you some early version of PDFsam v3 soon. First steps taken are the new GitHub repository for the source code ( and a new Twitter account ( where I’ll keep you updated on the development status.

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Pdf Merge for Android

Hi guys,
I just published a free and super simple tool for Android devices to merge pdf documents. It doesn’t have may options, just the three steps select/sort/merge but it does the job on your smartphone or tablet. It’s powered by Sejda and PDFBox and it’s available on Google Play and on Amazon.
You can find more info here.

Any feedback is always welcome… as long as it’s a good one :D

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A tailored user interface

Settings screenHi guys,
as you know I’m working on v3.0.0 and I’m currently working on the user interface. I created a forum post where I attached some screen, I’d like to discuss the UI with you… after all it’s you who is going to split and merge pdf documents with pdfsam and you are probably the best source of ideas and experience.

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Baby steps

Hi all,
I just want to show you I’m not as lazy as it might seem :)
Ok I know a lot of stuff is missing but still.. baby steps.

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Finally, new release!

Hello guys,
I finally found some time to release the new version of PDFsam. I want to apologize for the long delay but, as some of you may know, I worked hard on a couple of other projects (What A Cult and Sejda) in the past year and PDFsam was left a bit behind. Release 3 is not coming out any time soon so I decided to release version 2.2.2 with fixes to some of the most annoying bugs. Among the others:

  • Windows msi installation package supporting silent installation
  • New pdfsam-starter.exe and finally no more “javaw.exe not found” error message
  • Confirmation sounds are now working on Java 7
  • No more “invisible GUI” and crappy “delete gui-config.xml” workaround
  • Upgraded thumbnails generation libraries and langpack

As usual the new version can be downloaded here.
Please report back if you find any issue.

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Plan for the future

Hi everybody,
first of all merry Christmas :)
I decided to write this post to keep you informed about the plan for the next release of PDFsam. After some thoughts I decided to rewrite PDFsam for the same reasons why me and Eduard developed Sejda completely rewriting the pdfsam-console. Here is a short list of the changes you can expect in the next release:

  • I’ll move the source code from SVN to Mercurial, most probably on BitBucket where I already have some project and I’m very happy with it.
  • I’ll mavenize the project to make it easier for developers to contribute and because I can’t stand those huge Ant scripts anymore.
  • Unattended installation
  • No more .pdfsam directory to store preferences
  • Sejda as core manipulation library which means a couple of new plugins (TIFF conversion, text extraction..) and some minor improvement to the existing ones.
  • I’ll most probably use some OSGi framework to improve modularity and it seems to perfectly replace the current plugin system. I’m still investigating this.
  • Finally a completely new layout. Someone once told PDFsam looks like a Ferrari engine on a old Lada chassis.. well, I agree and I’ll try to make it simpler, more usable and good looking.

It’s going to take a while but I hope the final result will be a pleasant surprise for most of you.


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