And now we are social!

Hi, some time ago I wrote a post about PDFsam being on Twitter and the repository for version 3 on GitHub. Following the same path and trying to be more social and less grumpy, we added the Facebook page and the Google plus one. Follow us and stay updated!

Wiki reminder

Hi everybody, I want to remind you about the pdfsam HowTo wiki page here. If you have to merge pdf documents or split them and you don’t seem to figure out all the available options, take a look at the Wiki to have a brief description of them.

Finally Sejda has been released!

Hi All, great news! After more then one year of development today we released Sejda! You are probably asking “What the heck is Sejda?”. It’s a PDF manipulation layer written in Java. “uh?”. Ok, as many of you know I’ve been working on PDFsam for 6 years now and I realized at some point that

Translation upcoming release

Hi everybody, next Sunday I’ll release the new PDFsam version, the new translation template has been uploaded so, as usual, if you want to have PDFsam fully translated in your language you can find all the available languages here.

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Hi everybody, I just want to inform you that PDFsam has celebrated its millionth download!

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Back on PDFsam

Hi everybody, I finally found an apartment in Amsterdam (now I’ve to find a job) and I can work again on PDFsam. A new version will be probably released soon. Andrea

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Unavailable for a while

Hi everybody, tomorrow I’ll move to Amsterdam. I’ll relocate there with my girlfriend and I probably won’t be able to take care of PDFsam for a while. You can post on the forums if you have troubles but answers will probably come a little late. Wish me good luck Andrea

Cannot find javaw.exe

Windows only. If, when you double click the pdfsam.exe, an error window shows the message “Cannot find javaw.exe”, it means that it cannot find a working Java installation. To solve this problem try installing (or reinstalling) a working Java Runtime Environment (1.4.2 or above). It can be found here http://www.java.com . Andrea

NSIS install script, help needed.

Hi all, I’m working on the installation script using NSIS. Unfortunately I’m a java programmer and I don’t feel comfortable with NSIS scripting language. This language doesn’t seem easy and I don’t have much time to learn it so i tried grabbing pieces of code and I made an installer but I’m not sure about