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Category: Bug fix PDFsam Basic

New pdfsam-starter

Hi everybody, as some of you may already know by the forum, a couple of days ago McAfee antivirus reported an infection in the pdfsam-starter.exe. I’m sure it’s a false positive and I already reported it to McAfee attaching the sources of the pdfsam-starter hoping that they will fix this issue as soon as possible.

Finally, new release!

Hello guys, I finally found some time to release the new version of PDFsam. I want to apologize for the long delay but, as some of you may know, I worked hard on a couple of other projects (What A Cult and Sejda) in the past year and PDFsam was left a bit behind. Release

New 0.6 sr 2 is out!

Hi, the new stable release is out! French translation added even if it’s not 100% completed, iText and JGoodies updated, print style selection for pages the pdf merge section and Win32 exe starter. Please report any bug as usual. Andrea

0.6 sr 2 coming soon

Hi everybody, pdfsam 0.6 sr 2 coming the next week. You’ll find updated libraries (iText 1.4.6, looks 2.0.4), Win32 exe starter, some code cleaning, pdf merge now supports page selection in print style mode (Ex. 2,5-9,13) and some GUI fix. Enjoy Andrea