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New pdfsam-starter

Hi everybody,
as some of you may already know by the forum, a couple of days ago McAfee antivirus reported an infection in the pdfsam-starter.exe. I’m sure it’s a false positive and I already reported it to McAfee attaching the sources of the pdfsam-starter hoping that they will fix this issue as soon as possible. In the meantime I released a patch containing a new pdfsam-starter.exe which fixes an issue on Windows 7 64bits (bug #3050730) and that McAfee likes it more than the previous one. The patch can be found here, I also included the sources so anybody can check them or even compile the starter. I really hope to have a fast feedback from McAfee and I was also thinking about dropping the pdfsam-starter executable (that is the only Windows executable included in the package) in next releases, leaving there only the .bat script to avoid any further trouble with the wonderful world of Windows/Virus/AntiVirus.


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Finally, new release!

Hello guys,
I finally found some time to release the new version of PDFsam. I want to apologize for the long delay but, as some of you may know, I worked hard on a couple of other projects (What A Cult and Sejda) in the past year and PDFsam was left a bit behind. Release 3 is not coming out any time soon so I decided to release version 2.2.2 with fixes to some of the most annoying bugs. Among the others:

  • Windows msi installation package supporting silent installation
  • New pdfsam-starter.exe and finally no more “javaw.exe not found” error message
  • Confirmation sounds are now working on Java 7
  • No more “invisible GUI” and crappy “delete gui-config.xml” workaround
  • Upgraded thumbnails generation libraries and langpack

As usual the new version can be downloaded here.
Please report back if you find any issue.

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New 0.6 sr 2 is out!

Hi, the new stable release is out! French translation added even if it’s not 100% completed, iText and JGoodies updated, print style selection for pages the pdf merge section and Win32 exe starter. Please report any bug as usual.

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0.6 sr 2 coming soon

Hi everybody, pdfsam 0.6 sr 2 coming the next week. You’ll find updated libraries (iText 1.4.6, looks 2.0.4), Win32 exe starter, some code cleaning, pdf merge now supports page selection in print style mode (Ex. 2,5-9,13) and some GUI fix.


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